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Some organization is good

Now i'm working. Well, not NOW but these days and for the rest of the year. I need a lot of organization and i started knowing some sites as To-Done or Lifehacker or, well, the Internet itself. I'm working in front of a monitor and now writing this blog at my Uni in front of this monitor, just to have another monitor functioning in my house. Yes, I want a computer but I need the money first, so I'm working for that, and it's weird the way i'm doing it. OK, not so weird after all... Anyway, did you look at those sites? great sites about how to make life easy and job done. Now i just get out of Christian Antropology (is well typed?) and, heck, the teacher is great! but I will write about it later. The thing is that now i'll separate my personal life (this blog) from my ... social-informatic-psychologic-world_ending-public story. here is just here and there will be there. I don't know if i'll make something with my googlepage. I didn't think about it yet but i'm listening your opinion And well, nothing less informative than this blog! ^^

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