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Why you may need use Netvibes?

(Cam! look at this!) For people going and coming everywhere in the city, saving time is good and wasting more time looking than finding things is bad. Now I just can't have a desktop computer because i can't carry that desktop with me, my shoulders scream a lot! So, what can i do to really save time without throwing too many things away? one WWWord... NETVIBES It's just a personalized home but it's a very very very useful thing on the internet. It condenses all the information in just one page, so you don't have to remember every blog of your friends or go to every news page to watch if something interesting happens. It's all there And you can even check your mail, do searches in the web or wikipedia, see if tomorrow will be a sunny day or just rainy as hell in your city, it give you your bookmarks online so you have them everywhere (don't need to remember them!!! yuuuhaa!!), it give you a postit-webnotes-like thing, a wordlike online writer (watch out Google/Sun and Microsoft) and a lot more!. The trick of this nice site is that it's using AJAX a mix of useful web programing languages implementation, such as XML and Javascript. I read a lot of news and blogs in the internet and knowing when some of those does an update would be frustrating without this webtool-service-whatever. This thing of the feeds is really amazing and comfortable. i recomend everyone who read this post to try it (and if you dislike it, we return your $0 instantly!) note: i used google/ig and... well.... this is way better (please don't even compare it with microsoft Live... AHJ!) OH! and use Ubuntu, don't be afraid and do the change... believe me IT'S BETTER (if you're a gamer... wait a lil more :D) that's all... comments? {sorry for my english, "I donspik englich"}

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